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Advancing Science since 1959

Dr. Leonard A. Herzenberg
with the FACS-II cell sorter

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Dr. Leonore Herzenberg

"Leonard and Leonore Herzenberg have left an indelible mark on the fields of immunology and cell biology, both in research and clinical aspects. They are perhaps best known for developing the technologies of fluorescence flow cytometry and hybridomas. Over six decades, they made a number of important and fundamental discoveries in lymphocyte biology"

Mario Roederer, Author, Annu Rev Physiol: vol 76: pgs1-20
A conversation with Leonard and Leonore Herzenberg


The Pasteur Institute - 1955

Clockwise:  BIll Sistron, Harlyn Halvorsen, Jacques Monod,  George Cohen, Len Herzenberg

Featured Publications

Featured Publications